Before a blockchain can be inclusive to users, it must be accessible to developers. To simplify and streamline the process of building DApps powered by the Topl Blockchain, we’ve developed a suite of API libraries called Brambl. Brambl was designed to provide application developers with an easy to integrate library that will both enable their application to communicate with the blockchain as well as carry out all necessary cryptographic including hashing data and signing transactions. Paired with code samples and thorough documentation, we believe Brambl offers a strong example of how to ensure a blockchain is accessible to developers.
To maximize the number of developers and potential DApps that can leverage Brambl, we have released this API library for JavaScript, Python, Dart, and Scala (compatible with JVM languages more generally) covering an estimated 59% of potential development projects based on the popularity of various web and application frameworks. Compared with many other blockchains teams that have only put in the effort to develop a single library (most often in JavaScript), we believe this is a strong start. However, it is only as Topl has plans for at least two more languages to be supported by the end of 2022.
Finally, seeing as the suite of Brambl libraries was developed for the community of Topl developers, it is only appropriate that these developers have the opportunity to contribute to and modify these libraries to better fit their own requirements. All Brambl libraries are released as open source under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.
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