Motivation and Vision

Challenging problems require unique solutions, and our greatest problems require solutions that are purpose-built and relentlessly dedicated to their resolution. The world’s current economic system represents one such problem (or rather a set of problems) requiring such a dedicated solution.

Today’s economy is defined by

  • a near exclusive emphasis on shareholder value as the sole goal of private enterprise

  • precarious levels of inequality built through the relative overcompensation of capital investment compared to productive contribution

  • monetary fundamentals (unintentionally) designed to exacerbate rather than mitigate the above economic characteristics

Topl imagines a new economy, built on a foundation that is designed to make growth inclusive and expand the boundary to include social and environmental concerns previously cast out as “externalities”. A unique and purpose-built public network, the Topl Blockchain, will serve as this envisioned foundation. The design of this unique distributed ledger technology has been informed, from core architecture to ancillary tooling, by a relentless focus on matters of sustainability and social impact. Critically, we do not envision Topl as only being “the blockchain for ESG” or the “blockchain for impact”, in the vein of countless startup pitch taglines of “Uber for X” and relegating itself to a niche existence. Rather, Topl is designed to underpin a broad range of economic activities, including supply chains, trade finance, energy production, payments, commodities, and carbon markets, and do so in such a way that these economic activities are transformed to naturally produce greater positive impact.